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Harvest Right | Pro Freeze Dryer | Small | Complete Kit with Accessories

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Elevate Your Food Preservation with Harvest Right's Small Pro Freeze Dryer

Introducing the Harvest Right Small Pro Freeze Dryer: a powerhouse of food preservation in a sleek, compact design. This small but mighty unit offers the convenience of large-scale freeze dryers with a countertop-friendly footprint, ideal for any kitchen, cart, or table.

Dynamic Freeze Drying Capacity:

  • Batch Brilliance: Freeze-dry 6-10 lbs of fresh fare per cycle, amounting to an annual capacity of up to 1,800 lbs.
  • Tray Territory: 434 square inches of drying space housed within four stainless steel trays (7.75″ W x 14″ L x 0.75″ H).

Streamlined Design & Features:

  • Kitchen-Compatible Dimensions: At 17.4" W x 21.5" D x 26.8" H, this device slots seamlessly into your home.
  • Efficiency Engineered: Includes a premier industrial vacuum pump (a $795 value) for consistent, reliable drying.

Seamless Set-Up:

  • Power Practicality: Designed for 110-volt outlet compatibility.
  • Simple Shipping: Delivered in a singular package weighing 179 lbs, with dimensions poised for easy handling.

Maintenance Mastery:

  • Minimal Upkeep: Vacuum pump oil replacement every 20-30 batches, plus routine cleaning, ensures lasting performance.
  • Assured Endurance: Backed by a three-year limited warranty for enduring reliability.

Your Freeze-Drying Suite:

  • All-Inclusive Kit: The small freeze dryer arrives with all essentials: the vacuum pump, oil, an oil filter, four trays, a guide to freeze drying, 50 Mylar bags, 50 oxygen absorbers, and an impulse sealer to kickstart your preservation journey.

The Harvest Right Small Pro Freeze Dryer redefines home food storage, allowing you to savor the longevity of freeze-dried foods with the simplicity of push-button operation. From garden enthusiasts to the emergency preparedness advocate, this freeze dryer empowers you to secure the harvest, prepare for any event, and indulge in homemade dried snacks whenever desired.

Upgrade your at-home freeze-drying experience with Harvest Right and transform the way you store and enjoy food.