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Fortress Power | Envy Series | Inverter | 8/10kW, 48V Dual MPPT

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Fortress Power Envy 8kW & 10kW Whole-Home Inverter - Uninterrupted Power Solutions - Data Sheet / Manual

Discover the future of energy with the Fortress Power Envy series, delivering a comprehensive whole-home inverter solution designed to power your life seamlessly. The Envy series, available in 8kW and 10kW models, is expertly paired with high-capacity batteries like the eFlex 5.4 kWh, the eVault MAX 18.5 kWh, or the LFP-10 MAX, ensuring that your home never misses a beat. With a robust 60A AC passthrough, it provides an impressive backup power supply, effortlessly managing household demands.

Whether on- or off-grid, the Envy inverter boasts dual MPPT outputs, accommodating up to a 13 kW PV array for the 8kW model and 15kW for the 10kW variant. Installation is a breeze with integrated AC & DC breakers, coupled with a built-in APsmart Module Level Rapid Shutdown Transmitter for rapid commissioning. And with our intuitive online monitoring app, you have the convenience of accessing your system anytime, anywhere.

Embrace the versatility of the Envy series, designed for a multitude of applications from backup and off-grid setups to net metering and peak shaving. The sleek color LCD touchscreen adds a touch of modern sophistication, while the ability to connect up to 10 units in parallel scales with your energy needs.

  Envy 8kW Envy 10kW
Input DC (PV Side)    
Max. DC Input Power for Single MPPT 6000W / 6000 W 6000W / 6000 W
Max. PV Input Power 13000W 15000W
Max. PV Power Delivered to Battery & AC Outputs 12000W 12000W
DC Input Voltage Range 100V-600V 100V-600V
Nominal DC Input Voltage 360V 360V
Full Power MPPT Voltage Range 170V-500V 210V – 500V
Max. DC Input Current 25A / 25A 25A / 25A
MPPT Number/(Strings per MPPT) 2 / 2 2 / 2
Output/Input AC (Grid)    
Continuous AC Power to Grid 8000W (240V) 10000W (240V)
Continuous AC Power to Load with Grid or Generator 14,400W (240V) AC Passthrough/ 12000W (240) GEN 14,400W (240V) AC Passthrough/ 12000W GEN
Nominal Output Voltage 120V/240V 120V/240V
Max. Continuous AC Current 33.3A @ 240V 41.6A @ 240V
Nominal AC Frequency 50Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz
Output AC (Off-Grid)    
Max. Output Power 8000W 10000W
Nominal Output Voltage 120V/240V 120V/240V
Nominal Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz
Nominal Output Current 33.3A @ 240V 41.6A @ 240V
Peak Power 16kW / 500ms 20kW / 500ms
Switching Time Seamless Seamless
Dedicated Auto-start Generator Port 50A / 12kW 50A / 12kW
Battery Parameters    
Compatible Battery Type eVault Max, eFlex, LFP-10 MAX eVault Max, eFlex, LFP-10 MAX
Nominal Battery Voltage 48V 48V
Battery Voltage Range 48V-56V 48V-56V
Maximum Charging/Discharging Current 167A 210A
Maximum Charging/Discharging Power 8000W 10000W
MPPT Efficiency 99.9% 99.9%
Max. Efficiency 97.5% 97.5%
CEC Efficiency 96.5% 96.5%
Anti-islanding Protection YES YES
Ingress Protect Degree NEMA 4X, IP65 NEMA 4X, IP65
SPD Protection YES YES
RSD Built-in APsmart Transmitter Built-in APsmart Transmitter
General Data    
Dimensions 580 x 490 x 265mm (22.8 x 19.3 x 10.4 in) 580 x 490 x 265mm (22.8 x 19.3 x 10.4 in)
Weight 44kg (97lbs) 44kg (97lbs)
Display Color LCD Color LCD
Ambient Temperature Range -25 to 60 °C (-13 to 140 °F) -25 to 60 °C (-13 to 140 °F)
Cooling FAN FAN
Communication RS485/Wi-Fi/CAN RS485/Wi-Fi/CAN
Standard & Certification    
Certifications UL1741, UL1741SB, IEEE1547A, rule 21, ISO-NE, FCC15 class B, HECO, CEC, Luma, SGIP, NOM UL1741, UL1741SB, IEEE1547A, rule 21, ISO-NE, FCC15 class B, HECO, CEC, Luma, SGIP, NOM
Warranty 10 Years / Lead Acid or Fortress Lithium Batteries, other 48v battery manufacturers** 10 Years / Lead Acid or Fortress Lithium Batteries, other 48v battery manufacturers**